We help startup founders build technology business by developing web and mobile apps with the Lean Startup methodology

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We integrate the right analytical platform to track business and product metrics.

We recommend to launch MVP as soon as possible to get the first customers feedback and metric values.

Calculate your profit

CAC (Customer acquisition cost)
typical range $1-3 /
typical range 1-3% /
typical range 10-80%
LTV (Lifetime value)
typical range 10-80%
typical range 5-100$ ×

LTV/CAC = 0.9

The subscriber doesn’t bring enough money even to recoup new customer acquisition.

We recommend to lower CAC, churn or increase the ARPU.

LTV/CAC = 0.9

The user brings enough money to recoup acquisition, but most likely not enough to recoup the fixed costs.

We recommended to lower CAC, churn or increase the ARPU.

LTV/CAC = 0.9

All well 👍

Проверьте введенные цифры

CAC Payback time = 15 mo

If CAС doesn’t pay off for a year, it increases the risks.

We recommend to reduce CAC or increase ARPU.

CAC Payback time = 15 mo

If CAС doesn’t pay off for a year, it increases the risks.

We recommend to reduce CAC or increase ARPU.

CAC Payback time = 15 mo

All well 👍

Проверьте введенные цифры

Monthly Marketing Budget
If you have 1000 subscribers, and churn rate is 10%, it means that 100 subscribers come and leave monthly. Increase your budget or lower your churn to improve the situation.
Max MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
Revenue - marketing costs
Net income

We help drive product development based on metrics. If some feature does not improve performance, we do not recommend to spend time and money on it.

We build analytics systems into your product. If metrics do not confirm the supposed benefit of a new feature, we would recommend discarding this feature.

Churn Chart

Churn Chart

% of Cohort Retained over Time

% of Cohort Retained over Time

We bring the solution,

when you
we do
web application
development (frontend
and backend)
mobile app
development of MVP
and prototypes
for startups
best practices for
product development
deep learning and
machine learning
integrate a platform
for metrics tracking

For the customer, the result of developers work is divided into visible and invisible parts.

Visible one includes what you can see — forms,tables, and buttons. Hidden part is the code itself.

It takes more time to find and correct errors or implement additional functionality in an application with poor-quality code.

We use best development practices like a unit and integration testing, static code inspection, code review process and auto deployment.

An application may have an outstanding user interface but at the same time must have robust, scalable and maintainable code.

How we turn your idea
into profit

That’s why we are so sure

We know how to build scalable and reliable IT solutions.
Our clients are from London, Stockholm and San Francisco.

For one of our past clients we’ve helped build a $500K annual revenue business and for another – to secure a 3MM$ seed round.

web app

Instagram scheduling service

We helped to build a profitable business with several thousand subscribers.

6 months

from the start of the project to the first subscriber

Mike Bandar
Co-Founder at Hopper HQ | Founding Partner at Turn Partners | International Business Trainer & Speaker

We've had the pleasure of working with Stan for several years. He has been fundamental in building our technology at Hopper HQ which is at the core of our business offering.

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Stan consistently amazes us with his innovate approach to solving technical problems and ability to make his plans a reality.

Stan is not only technically sound, extremely reliable and connected to help grow you team — he is also a lot of fun to work and motivated to help you make your business a success.

Custom automation solutions for a Swedish accounting company

We've built an email processing system to handle up to 6 thousands emails an hour using AWS Lambda.

2 months

from the start of the project to production

Peder Albert
CEO at Bokoredo AB

After working extensively with Stanislav on broad set of software development projects for over one year, I have only positive things to say.

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In my view, here are some of his hallmarks:

  • Solid software developer with a broad range of capabilities
  • Very fast in grasping conceptual ideas able to put them into code
  • Combining pragmatism with strong sense for ensuring quality and security
  • Always available, reasonable and friendly
web app

San Francisco delivery only restaurant.

We improved the system so that it displayed more information about the order and fixed performance issues. We rewrote the system code to make it more reliable.

The system started to handle

2x as many orders
Jeff Nobbs
COO at Perfect Keto | Owner at Kitava

Stan makes software projects far less daunting. He is proactive, intelligent, communicative, and creative. Stan is a very talented software engineer, capable of everything from website frontend changes to machine learning projects.

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My favorite part about working with Stan is his ability to see problems before they occur and recommend solutions. Stan proactively recommends changes and improvements to my specs, based on business savvy, common sense, and a lot of experience.

He takes his projects seriously and seems to treat them as if he’s a partner in the business. He wants to see the project succeed and does everything he can to make that happen. I’m working with Stan and his team on a couple different projects, have referred him to other entrepreneurs, and look forward to continuing to work with him on many more projects in the future. Thanks Stan!

That’s how we work